Thursday, June 29, 2006

sorry, kensington - the real blame goes to . . .

A traffic update: This is where I was (at Conn. Ave and East-West Highway) for about ten minutes on the bus this morning - thanks to the Columbia Country Club (in the background, behind the tall shrubs).

Today's Post Montgomery Extra mentions the plethora of new [non-chain] restaurants that have recently opened in Downtown Silver Spring, a stark counterpoint to yesterday's Gazette article that said local vendors are getting priced out of the business district.

Perhaps the answer to saving the "local flavor" is by giving national retailers a home in City Place, relieving some of the pressure to oust the mom-and-pops down on Fenton and Georgia. (As for condos, I have to say - I don't mind so much.) A big-box on the first floor, maybe move the food court upstairs - and a nightclub or entertainment venue (a Dave and Buster's?) where the AMC Theatres used to be. It might work. We gotta save City Place before it drags the rest of Downtown with it.

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