Wednesday, August 9, 2006

the anonymous have to come out now

From now on, Just Up The Pike will no longer allow anonymous commenting. The Blogger software allows you to put your name (or an alias) down when you comment, so I hope people with thoughtful, relevant things to say will do so. Any anonymous comments made after 12 midnight August 9, 2006 will be deleted.

I seriously dislike the direction this year's election has taken. People making insults at myself and others, racist comments, or just out-and-out lying from behind the shield of anonymity make it only worse. I may say things that people don't like, but at least I am willing to put my name on them.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, let's all speak up and say who we are! Blogging (expect for you, Just Up the Pike! :-) ) scares me. People are beginning to consider it "gospel" (whether they are right, left or center) when it's really just one person's opinion. I think we all deserve to know who is saying what.