Friday, August 11, 2006

falkland chase apartments (1937-2006?)

The Falkland Chase apartments in Downtown Silver Spring are a historical landmark and one of the best examples of affordable housing in the area. When I was growing up and living in Georgian Towers, I always imagined how nice it would be to live there and have a yard.

However, the last bastion of park-like living in the city might be coming down, as Silver Spring Scene reports there are plans to tear out a section of the complex to build what is dubbed "the largest development in Downtown Silver Spring," a series of high-rises with over a thousand apartments (which would still be fewer apartments than at Summit Hills or the Blairs) and a slew of retail, including a Harris Teeter.

I stand by my pro-development statements, but I am very skeptical of this proposal. While the health of Downtown Silver Spring is reliant on some redevelopment, I'm not sure whether it has to happen there. Empty parking lots abound in the business district and across the border in D.C. Speaking of which - why hasn't D.C. gotten a piece of the Silver Spring revitalization? Let's spread the wealth and spare the Falklands, huh?


Anonymous said...

The project would eliminate the north portion of Falkland Chase (182 apartments), bordered by East-West Highway, 16th Street, and the Metro line. The east and west sections of Falkland Chase would remain. I live in the north section now. FC management gave a presentation on the plans last night.

Dan Reed said...

Just curious: what did you think of the presentation? Would you be willing to move for this to be built?

Sligo said...

Harris Teeter is OK, but if they have to tear down these apartments, FOR GOD'S SAKE GIVE US A WEGMAN'S!

Anonymous said...

For God's sake, build a whole lot of underground parking with new complex.

I'm still surprised that people are willing to pay top dollar to live beside the railroad/Metro tracks. I lived in Blair East for a while and the train noise at night (particularly Thursday nights, when car carriers seem to come by) kept me up. I can't imagine living hard up against the tracks. I guess you can get used to most anything.