Friday, August 4, 2006

leggett for east county (what about the rest?)

"This area [Burtonsville] was not Rockville or Silver Spring. We were an outcast area, and people thought, 'We need people to run who reflect this general area.' - Ike Leggett on his first campaign

The Montgomery Sentinel has an interview with Ike Leggett today. I have a better understanding of Ike than I had before, but I'm very disappointed by the lack of passion about the Purple Line:

"Now, we've had the benefit of studies, and I've looked at [the Purple Line plans] and said, 'OK. If you do all these things plus what I've described, I'll support it.' So I'm not running from my record. What they've done is come closer to what I wanted. They've changed it, and they've changed it in my direction."

That's not encouraging. What is Leggett's ideal for the Purple Line? And how far is he willing to carry the study out before he gets exactly what he wants?

"[Steve Silverman] says that because he wants to commingle our positions because he realizes his position is not acceptable. I think he's trying to generate discussion about the Purple Line in order to detract from growth issue and to make it appear there's not a difference."

Why would Silverman make the Purple Line an issue? Because he does support a faster pace of development and is interested in making the necessary road and transit improvements to accomodate it. I should support Ike Leggett because I see him at Giant - but if he's not committed to projects outside of our immediate community, what good is he to the rest of Montgomery County?


Anonymous said...

Silverman has attempted to make the Purple Line an issue because Leggett has taken a very nuanced, detail-oriented position on it. And Silverman knows that those kinds of positions are the easiest to distort and misrepresent. And Silverman has built his career on distortions. Keep in mind that Doug Duncan, Martin O'Malley and Chris Van Hollen ALL favor Leggett's ideas and disagree with Silverman. But Silverman won't mention that because it might cost him some votes and developer bucks.

Anonymous said...

"Keep in mind that Doug Duncan, Martin O'Malley and Chris Van Hollen ALL favor Leggett's ideas and disagree with Silverman."

Ok, the train to crazytown leaves in five minutes. Please board it, and make sure that you leave room for Robin Ficker.

Seriously, if you are going to post ridiculous statements like that, please just start your own blog and call it "New NEW Moco Progressive" or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Nothing crazy about it; my source is the Washington Post. All three of them support cut-and-cover just like Leggett. Silverman is the only one advocating that the line be built all above-ground. Your reaction is just the sort of thing we have come to expect from Silverman: denial and ad hominem attacks. Of course, Silverman isn't one to let facts stand in the way of his ambition, is he?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous poster #2: Open wide, you've earned a big helping of crow. Check out the Gazette article of 6-16-06 by Thomas Dennison titled "Duncan, O'Malley agree on Purple Line, but make no promises". It states quite clearly that Duncan, O'Malley and Van Hollen all favor "cut and cover". That's the same proposal that Silverman keeps criticizing Leggett for. But you Silverman folks probably aren't very happy with the Gazette right now, huh?

Anonymous said...

What does Ike Leggett think cut-and-cover construction through Chevy Chase will accomplish?

It isn't good for the environment - it will cut down more trees than above-ground construction.

It won't make the train move any faster, because the train runs on its own right of way on the surface. (That, incidentally, is why Purple Line supporters do support putting it underground in areas of Silver Spring, where it would otherwise have to slow down at frequent intersections.)

It costs more money than building on the surface - money that could be used for additional Metro expansions.

It will make the ride less enjoyable - commuters will be deprived of a very pretty view that their tax money paid for.

It makes the train quieter for nearby people in back yards and country clubs, and noisier for the people inside the train. This is no big deal, because the train is much less noisy than roads that already go through Chevy Chase such as East-West Highway, Connecticut Ave., and Jones Bridge Road.

No, the real thing cut-and-cover construction accomplishes is to shield the golfers at Columbia Country Club and their Chevy Chase neighbors from eye contact with residents of Eastern Montgomery County. It's class separation, pure and simple - the transportation equivalent of the executive restroom.

Anonymous said...

Gee, why don't you ask those questions of Doug Duncan, Martin O'Malley and Chris Van Hollen, as well as Ike Leggett? My point is that Steve Silverman knows full well that those gentlemen agree with Leggett, only it's not politically expedient for Silverman to criticize THEM! Silverman keeps accusing Leggett of catering to Columbia Country Club, so why doesn't he accuse the other three of exactly the same?
And while we're on transportation issues, when he was running in 1994, Silverman said he opposed the ICC on its merits, not because the cost would delay the Purple line. he lies about that one, too.

Dan Reed said...

Anonymous 12:43am - Look at the title of the article: "Duncan, O'Malley agree on Purple Line, but make no promises." That's the issue here. The cut-and-cover method, if Duncan, O'Malley and Leggett are even committed to it, would be more expensive and take longer. It has been established that the Purple Line should go above ground in Bethesda-Chevy Chase. The plans have said so for 15 years, even in the face of attacks from the Columbia Country Club.

Even Robin Ficker wants the Purple Line to run above ground because he knows it will become reality sooner. That's what I care about. Leggett goes to lunch with CCC; Ehrlich plays golf there. Who do you think they've been listening to?

Accountability to the public is immensely important, but I want to make sure my elected officials are paying attention to all of the public. Silverman hasn't done much in East County; then again, has Leggett? I'd like to know.

Anonymous said...

"It has been established"? By whom? The whole issue is whether it should be above ground or cut and cover. You say it has "been established" like the question has been resolved, but it hasn't. Leggett, Duncan, O'Malley and Van Hollen think one way, and Silverman thinks the other. If you are going to assert facts, please make sure they are facts first. I fail to understand how you can think Leggett is influenced by having lunch at Columbia Country Club, but also say that Silverman isn't influenced by the developers who have financed 70% of his campaign. Finally, you talk about the "plans" having called for above-ground for 15 years. That's right out of the Silverman handbook. There have been proposals for 15 years that made that recommendation; none of them ever received approval. Try facts!

Anonymous said...

When Gov. Glendening made the original announcement of the Purple Line, Doug Duncan said "I'm going to fight this every step of the way." He even said he'd testify against the Purple Line on Capital Hill. (WaPo, 10/30/01)

Yes, Leggett and Duncan think one way on this issue.

As for Chris Van Hollen and Martin O'Malley, their positions are not the same as Leggett's, but it's true they aren't ardent supporters like Silverman. If we want to get this built, we need a leader who will push it forward.

Dan Reed said...

4:31: Honestly, I have seen a lot more opinions from anyone than I have facts, yourself included. When I say "established" I mean that common knowledge of the Purple Line is as an above-ground line through Bethesda-Chevy Chase. It's also been established that since 1989 the Columbia Country Club has filed lawsuits and poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into stopping this project.

They are motivated by as much greed and self-interest as any developer. The only difference is that there are responsible developers who actually do good in the communities they work in. I don't remember the Columbia Country Club making any huge contributions to our community other than to politicians who'd agree to back down on the Purple Line.

Why don't our politicians have the courage to support the Purple Line the same way they talk about slowing growth? People are just as desperate to improve traffic as they are about development, and I'll tell you, they're sick of hearing just about the ICC.

Anonymous said...

So now instead of "established", you say "common Knowledge"? Wow, what a devastating assertion backed up by riogorous research. How could I have possibly failed to look at "common knowledge". I guess you never heard the old saying that "common knowledge" is usually "common", but it is rarely "knowledge". I guess I must have been too busy buying my ticket for the "crazy train". I understand it's "common knowledge" that it runs above-ground. Veritas

Dan Reed said...

Please lick your wounds elsewhere. I'm simply stating how I look at this issue and I apologize for someone calling you crazy, but the sarcasm and angry rants are best left for another blog, thank you.

Anonymous said...

So, when confronted with facts, you run and hide? Now you tell is this is all just your opinion and view of things. Quite a retreat!

Anonymous said...

Duncan also supported a heavy rail alternative, which was disregarded after numerous environmental groups protested.

I find it hard to believe that O'Malley actually knows ANYTHING about the Purple Line. If you listen to some of his interviews from a few months ago, all he seems to know is that he "wants to protect green space."

We seem to be leaving out an important element of this discussion, the fact that Leggett has advocated for Bus Rapid Transpit, a position which aligns nicely with Governor Ehrlich. Maybe in a few years they will have time to play golf together at Columbia CC after O'Malley takes over as Governor and Steve Silverman becomes our next County Executive.

Anonymous said...

I still haven't seen any of the Leggett supporters posting here answer my substantive post about cut-and-cover. What will it accomplish other than maintain social separation between east-county commuters and the golfers and residents of Chevy Chase?

Anonymous said...

Leggett has never advocated bus rapid transit. You keep jumping from one lie to another, don't you? And do you really want to try to make the case that Ike Leggett is some kind of elitist who wants to keep economic classes apart? Do you know anything about his past?

Anonymous said...

You still didn't explain what purpose cut and cover serves.

Ever heard of the phrase ad hominem argument?

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Silvermanites are in full bloom. Tell a lie, then deny. Tell another, run for cover. Or should I say "cut and cover"? I'm still waiting for you to recant your lie about Leggett and bus rapid transit. There isn't much point in having a debate with somebody who makes up "facts" to suit himself.