Tuesday, August 1, 2006

steve silverman is: nick naylor

Anonymous Commenter #217, a loyal reader, left the following comment this morning:

There's a pool being set up for bets on what Steve Silverman will do for a living after he loses the primary. My own guess is he'll become a lobbyist, probably working for Larry Shulman's law firm. And his biggest clients will be dvelopers (natch), oil companies, and cigarette manufacturers. In recent years Steve has taken positions favorable to all those groups. And what's your best guess?

Well, if Silverman loses, I'd put my money on him becoming a lobbyist too. He'd speak for all the Evil Corporations - Ryan Homes, ExxonMobil and Philip Morris - and, if he's lucky, they'll even make a movie about his eventual change of heart.

Now, which other County figures would make good movie characters? I'd like to know. I want to give Anonymous Commenter #217 his time's worth.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Didn't you just make a post defending Silverman?

Dan Reed said...

I'm being sarcastic. Give me a break - don't we have one of the best school systems in the country?

Sligo said...

They already made a movie with Montgomery County figures - "D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear" with Roc as Chief Moose and this guy as Doug Duncan.

OnBackground said...

This is great. We'd be interested in having you join us at freestatepolitics.blogspot.com -- you can easily cross-post your substantive, MD or MoCo political pieces.

Interested, email me at on_background at yahoo dot com.

Dan Reed said...

Ah, I forgot about 23 Days, largely because I actually watched it. It also featured Vancouver, British Columbia in a starring role as Montgomery County.

Anonymous said...

I've thought about which famous author would use a MoCo politician as their character

Doug Duncan - Shakespeare

Pat Baptiste - Anthony Trollope

other nominations welcome

Anonymous said...

If you have to tell people you're being sarcastic, you aren't doing it very well.