Wednesday, October 25, 2006

east county castle redux

I drove up from Just Up The Pike School-Year Headquarters to take a few pictures of the East County Castle last week. (See more pictures here and here.) It doesn't look so intimidating now behind another, even more half-timbered house.

I wonder if you really can fit that moat in there without pissing off the neighbors - that is, unless the turrets have already caused an uproar like one house in Alexandria has recently.

(NOTE:My camera literally died after three shots, so my apologies for the lack of boudoir photographs . . .)


Anonymous said...

Hey Woodward, you're going to let a silly "no trespassing" sign prevent you from getting some up-close photos?

Anonymous said...

With regard to your comment about what's going on in Alexandria, the article itself appears determined to make a folk hero out of the man who ignored the pleas of his neighbors and is now the subject of public scorn. The truer story is unfolding in the comments that have been submitted in response to this article (3 pages and counting). To those who read your blog and have some concern about the issues raised by those trying to curb the unsympathetic additions and McMansions in Del Ray, I invite you to jump into this debate.