Monday, October 30, 2006

ike leggett has a big house

Will Montgomery County get an Executive Mansion, such as this Burtonsville home that Just Up The Pike presumes may belong to one Isiah "Ike" Leggett?

As part of the Post's continuing series on Ike Leggett (titled Ike Leggett Is Ridiculously Nice; He Is Also Black), readers yesterday were treated by a look at Leggett's personal life, including his mini-manse "just off Columbia Pike and a tennis ball's throw from Howard County":
. . . the house has a seldom-seen feel. Boxes in the kitchen wait to be taken to the trash; a couple of tropical plants in the living room yellow with neglect.
Despite all that, it certainly beats the hell out of Doug Duncan's hovel (well, relative hovel) in Rockville.

I only wish we had all these creepy aerial-photo websites four years ago. It would've saved me a lot of frustration . . .


Anonymous said...

Somebody is sock-puppeting! Chuck the minute-mite himself?

"He believes in ... the destruction of the traditional family."

Hilarious! Quick -- somebody tell his wife and kids!

Anonymous said...

I'm much more impressed with the Duncan home than with Ike's McMansion. The last thing Montgomery County needs is someone who still thinks a big house on a secluded lot represents the ultimate "good life".

andrea said...

Please. Duke, you are full of it. I like Ike- he is a self made man who came out of poverty, served in the military and is not a career politician but a law professor at Howard U. Ike will be the county executive tomorrow and you will be whatever- nothing. By the way, Ike never created a fake website using a stolen name the way Chuck did with Chris Van Hollen in the last election. Pretty slimey- and Chuck left his nasty signs up all ove MC after the election.