Monday, June 11, 2007

this is what i looked like at fifteen

In tenth grade, Congressman Al Wynn (D-Dist. 4) came by my alma mater - with a C-SPAN camera crew in tow - to talk with my Government class. It was a big deal for the school (free publicity!), for Wynn (election year!), and for a pubescent me, who suddenly found a picture of the two of us slathered all over his campaign material. (Not to mention, of course, a brief appearance on C-SPAN 3 in which I asked Al Wynn a question about affordable housing.)

Now that Al Wynn is seeking re-election for his umpteenth term, I've come for payback: check out Just Up The Pike later this week for coverage of the Congressman's campaign kickoff today. If you're riding the Red Line - or the J4 Metrobus - today, look for him and ask: when's the last time you rode public transit?

ALSO GOING DOWN IN EAST COUNTY: This week, Silverdocs might be bringing highbrow films to Downtown Silver Spring, but you can catch a highbrow film - or at least a stage adaptation of a Disney film - right here in East County as good old Blake High brings back their fall production of High School Musical for four more showings this weekend. And if you don't know what HSM - which the Gazette called "the clean Grease" - is, this blog cannot do much to help you.

Come back soon! There's lots to see.

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