Tuesday, July 10, 2007

drew powell, exploiting the errors of silver sprung

Are photo rights threatened in Rockville Town Square, as mayoral candidate (and big NIMBY) Drew Powell wants us to believe? A month ago, the head of NeighborsPAC was hassled by security for attempting to take a picture in front of the new Rockville Library (at left), but he only recently brought it up on the Flickr group DC Photo Rights.

Unfortunately for Powell, there's no denying that the Square is public. A tax map of the Town Square development refers to the square itself as lot N122, which this tax assessment lists as owned by the City of Rockville. Federal Realty, the developer of Town Square, doesn't have a lease agreement with the City the way Peterson does with Montgomery County on Ellsworth Drive in Downtown Silver Spring.

The Post's Marc Fisher, who's made the Downtown Silver Spring photo controversy (and the ensuing protest) a personal cause in recent weeks, is eager to rock the boat in Rockville as well. But this remains a largely Silver Spring issue. As the Penguin reports, a dialogue is beginning between the Peterson Companies and Silver Spring residents to ensure that personal rights are being respected Downtown.

Downtown Silver Spring was literally the first project of its kind in our area. A lot of mistakes were made - both in its design and execution - that later developments of its kind were careful to avoid. A clear, legal definition of public and private space in the Rockville Town Square shows how local governments are learning from those mistakes to ensure that personal rights are kept safe. I just wish that Drew Powell wouldn't take advantage of it for his own political gains.

Research by Adam Pagnucco; analysis by Dan Reed.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like Powell - inexperienced, off target, and just trying to score some cheap political shot. God help us if he becomes Mayor!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that the only person to be stopped from taking a picture in Rocville way back in May, is a not so well known candidate for Mayor? Why wait this long to bring it up? We all know what this is about: Mr. Powell is doing his darndest to get his name in the paper. This is a non issue in Rockville and it really does sound like he is stirring a pot for no better reason then to score a piece of his fifteen minutes.

Montgomery Slacker said...

For Powell any press is good press, I guess! He must be hurting for attention. But, so long as he's running for mayor, no one's minding the store for NeighborsPAC. Some will see that as a good thing.

Anonymous said...

To Susan Hoffmann, the "Anonymous" poster on 7/11/2007 10:59 PM: Susan, you and your propaganda machine are lying through your teeth. Scott Ullery, City Manager, and definitely NOT a Powell supporter, confirmed that EVERYTHING Powell said DID happen according to the guard, who prevented him from taking a photo. Ullery then formally apologized on behalf of the City and stated that Federal Realty would be sending a written letter of apology. All of this is according to both the Washington Post and the Gazette (http://blog.washingtonpost.com/rawfisher/2007/07/rockville_1_montgomery_county.html AND http://www.gazette.net/stories/071107/rocknew205424_32363.shtml). Maybe Powell waited to bring it up because of liars like Hoffmann, who will say anything to get elected, including a smear campaign designed to obfuscate the truth and keep all citizens in their place. Since when are citizens’ first amendment rights a "non issue?" Were they a "non issue" for Chip Py, when he was stopped from taking his photo in Silver Spring? Rockville would be lucky for a change, to have a mayor like Drew Powell, who looks out for citizens', not special interests.

Anonymous said...

The two links are:





Anonymous said...

Wasn't Powell stopped on sidewalks that are privately-owned, instead of the plaza. If you want to get a good picture of the library you kinda have to use those. Powell is a new-generation candidate who will use his experience fighting corruption and developer control over local government to create a first-rate city government. Rather than voting for Hoffman and the old-line politicians that have made City Hall run out of developer's pockets. Its time for a change.

Anonymous said...

Check out Drew Powell's new campaign web site in his bid for Mayor of Rockville. Lots of good info. Looks like he has a really good chance of bringing down Hoffmann and her wealthy developer friends.