Tuesday, July 31, 2007

marc fisher gets the real final word on ellsworth photo policy

JUTP talks growth former Neighbor Drew Powell: scroll down.

See the opinion of the County's attorney on the rights available to patrons of Downtown Silver Spring

Marc Fisher's blog entry on the opinion

Just Up The Pike now declares the Silver Spring photo controversy dead. Long live First Amendment rights in Downtown!


Anonymous said...

This is why I read Just Up The Pike! The other blogs are fun, informative, satirical, but you have the Straight Dope! I wish I had introduced myself after your interview with Jamie Raskin during the 4th of July Photo march, but neither of us understood the others intentions at the time.You have more real content than the Gazette, and I don't have to recycle, old, vague, news.

Dan Reed said...

Thanks! While I think terms like "straight dope" are best left for the Penguin (they sure do love their slang), I'm glad that you're enjoying what I do. This is why I keep doing Just Up The Pike.

Anonymous said...

Actually you should read The Strait Dope,(on-line). Cecil Adams has been published in atlernative papers, answering ANY QUESTION, with an honest, straight forward answer. It's not a hip drug reference, it's...The Strait Dope

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to Drew Powell's campaign web site for Mayor of Rockville: www.votepowell.org