Monday, January 28, 2008

comedy show seeks to uplift local scene, farts

WHAT'S UP THE PIKE: Facebook activists seek to "reclaim our mall" with petition for Dillard's, a southern department store chain, to replace recently-departed IFL at Wheaton Plaza.

An "AMAZING" comic promoting "The Awesome Room," a monthly comedy show making its debut at McGinty's this week.

Silver Spring has a long and proud tradition of comic legends: Ben Stein (who I walked past outside Blair High School once, with his tennis shoes and all), Dave Chappelle (a proud graduate of Woodlin Elementary School) and Lewis Black (who I don't have any anecdotes about). And if his sketches are any indication, Silver Spring-based comic Jake Young might deliver some serious funny to the masses later this week.

Young sent JUTP a press release detailing his new, monthly comedy show, which debuts at McGinty's Public House on Ellsworth this Thursday night at 9. "The Awesome Room" is based on the idea that "the traditional standup show format is stale and confining to young performers," writes Young. A slate of "local vanguards" and "underground phenoms" including Jordan Owens and Seaton Smith will be on stage, along with a "secret musical guest." Judging by what you can find of the scheduled performers on YouTube, I don't know if this is really the "vanguard" of comedy, but some of it was kind of funny. Kind of.

In an interview with DC Comedy: 4 Now, a local comedy blog, Jake Young says he's doing "The Awesome Room" not for himself, but for the community. "My hope is that if the scene does better, than my opportunities will be similarly uplifted," scribbles Young on a scrap of paper (which is how he does the interview). "Also, farts."

So: Thursday night. You're probably free. (I'm not; I have work.) Check out for more information.

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Very cool, might have to check it out.