Monday, February 18, 2008

industrial park, west laurel potential locations for amish market

WHAT'S UP THE PIKE: Ride-On fares go up ten cents March 2; County set to unveil drawings of Wheaton walkway that displaced Barry's Magic Shop; become a fan of JUTP on Facebook.

The Dutch Country Farmers' Market, a fixture in East County, might not stray too far from its current home in Burtonsville. We (by which I mean I) forgot to mention some comments County Executive Ike Leggett and his staff made at the blogger briefing weeks ago regarding the market, which has fulfilled the region's hunger for hot wings and sweet rolls for over twenty years.

Local builder Chris Jones plans to redevelop the Burtonsville Shopping Center at 29 and 198, in which the so-called Amish Market is located, forcing it to close early this summer. Nonetheless, Leggett reports, the market is working with the County and area landowners to find a site as close to the current one as possible.

Last summer, we reported that former Israeli basketball player Yoav Katz has offered his property near Burtonsville Elementary School for the market. More recently, additional locations have surfaced at Route 198 and Dino Drive, in the Burtonsville Industrial Park, and on the other side of I-95 in Laurel. The Dutch Country Farmers' Market already has a second, considerably larger store in Upper Marlboro.

"This is breaking my heart," I said to Leggett at the meeting. "I love the Amish Market."

"I live near there," Leggett replies, to which I countered, "I know."

"I love the chicken wings, and the chocolate cake," I continue, "oh, and the lemon squares! Have you tried the lemon squares -"

At that point, Gary Stith and Patrick Lacefield both jumped forward to shut me up. "Alright, Dan," Lacefield said. "None of us have eaten yet today."


Anonymous said...

what a waste that Wheaton walkway will be. "walkway to nowhere" is what they should call it. it will probably have the same fate as the inspirational Mayor Lane walkway in Fenton Village.

Anonymous said...

The latest I've heard about the Amish Market, from the owner of one of the stalls, is the second location will be where Galaxy Furniture Store on Cherry Lane in Laurel was. The other, in Upper Marlboro, is too far away.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. Except that Galaxy was/is on MD 198 next to the home depot. From what i've heard the deal was done some time late last year, as reported by the Laurel Leader.

Anonymous said...

We need a Wegmans here in Burtonsville. The Amish business model is flawed and a failure. Wegmans offers superior quality to the sorry Giant Food and Safeway Chains.
Citizens for a Burtonsville Wegmans

Anonymous said...

I agree...Wegmans would be an outstanding addition to Burtonsville. .