Thursday, March 27, 2008

al wynn steps down

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Al Wynn steps down from a Metrobus in Silver Spring before a press conference last June.

Eight-term Congressman Al Wynn (D-Dist. 4) announced today he will be stepping down in June. Last February, he lost the Democratic primary to Donna Edwards, who's favored to win this November in District 4, which stretches from Clarksburg to Fort Washington.

Promising a "clean fight," Al Wynn rushed head-long into his reelection campaign last year, determined to make a better showing after beating Edwards by a slim margin in 2006. To show his support for public transportation, Wynn kicked off his campaign with a Metro-and-bus tour of Montgomery County. Despite support from a number of Democratic elected officials in his sprawling, gerrymandered district, the national progressive establishment slammed him for crossing party lines and taking positions that were out of step with those of his liberal constituents.


Anonymous said...

That doesn't explain why he was voted out of office. One of the reasons that Donna Edwards won an overwhelming majority in the suburban Montgomery County part of the district is that we don't want anyone from Prince George's county, of all the hell holes in the DC area representing us. What the irony is is that Donna Edwards is also from PG County. I don't see her lasting long in congress anyways.

Sligo said...

I want to be in district 8.

Anonymous said...

District 4 looks like North & South America might look after the polar caps melt and eat up our shoreline.

Anonymous said...

Al Wynn's district wasn't gerrymandered for his benefit in 2001-- it was gerrymandered to assist the 8th District Democratic nominee to knock off Connie Morella. Wynn was perceived as safe enough in Prince George's County and in Silver Spring to absorb more conservative areas like Olney and Montgomery Village, thereby denying those precincts to Connie Morella. Meanwhile, Wynn gave up hardcore Democratic areas like Takoma Park, Mt. Rainier and Riverdale to the 8th C.D. The one thing Wynn didn't anticipate was a strong challenge from the Democratic Left.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure where to put this, but fyi:
says that Amish farmer's market is moving to Laurel. Can you verify?

Anonymous said...

I was up at the "Dutch" market Thursday and spoke with one of the young ladies, and she said they had leased a place in Laurel, but were working out the details of the blueprints, and actually building the interior of the place.

It will be a shame to see them go, and besides, Laurel is a little weird. ;)