Thursday, December 25, 2008

what's up the pike: like hell you're reading this now . . .

. . . because this is the one time during the year you've got something better to do than read blogs. Here's a look at what happened the night before Christmas in East County:

- With police in full force, holiday shopping resumed at Wheaton Plaza one day after a man was shot outside Macy's in what police call a gang-related incident.

- Meanwhile, at El Pollo Rico, the constantly-embattled Peruvian chicken eatery across University Boulevard from the mall, previous owner Francisco Solano was sentenced with three years in prison for money laundering and employing illegal aliens.

- So long as we're still in Wheaton: Imagine DC's Dave Murphy talks about how he'd revitalize its beleaguered business district by taking out Wheaton Plaza and completing the area's currently-broken street grid.

- The Gazette talks about a six-month prostitution sting at the Days Inn in South Silver Spring that resulted in over a dozen arrests and the discovery that, yes, pimps really do drive purple Cadillacs in real life. After the campaign's conclusion last July, the state transferred the funding to another assignment on Briggs Chaney Road, though the article doesn't say what it was, which begs the question: have you seen any gentlemen in big fur coats wandering around Briggs Chaney Plaza?

Merry Christmas! We'll see you soon.


WashingtonGardener said...

I'm reading! But only because this is one of the few times a year I get a breathr and can catch up on all the blogs I missed out on in the daily rat race called life.
And yes, last week's Gazette was a terrific one, wasn't it? Lots of real meat and stories.

retgroclk said...

A shooting at Wheaton plaza, and people wonder why I tell them to stay away from the mall during the evening hours,

Ike Leggett and the police are allowing crime to run rampant in Wheaton at night and no one wants to enforce the rules.

It is time to enforce immigration laws, and it is time to put more police at some fo these crime ridden areas.