Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what's up the pike: if you were a song . . .

If Silver Spring were a song, what would it sound like? Nashville USA or Salsa Ritmo?

Just Up The Pike celebrated President's Day a little late this year, but only because there are so many posts to be written that a break was definitely required. Here's a look at what's happening in East County:

- Once again, Maryland Politics Watch has delved into the nuts-and-bolts of this year's special election for County Council with an in-depth analysis of the four candidates, all Democrats, running for the open District 4 seat. Last week, JUTP sat down with civic activist Cary Lamari, which you'll read more about in the next couple of days.

- The Gazette talks about Muzak, the people who provide what they call "retail theatre" to shoppers in Downtown Silver Spring, but also in common areas at the Blairs, which I can't help but find a little creepy. I figure most people would like their apartment complex to be a refuge from shitty pop music but, then again, you don't pay $2,500 a month to not hear music when you're at the pool.

It's worth noting that, even though Muzak is stereotyped as "elevator music," they generally don't produce their own music anymore, instead offering their clients a selection of programs featuring both popular and not-so-popular songs specifically chosen to convey a particular mood. While I doubt they can really reflect the "eclectic" make-up of Silver Spring's visitors and patrons in their music, anything they play through the speakers on Ellsworth is better than the "Jesus music" I heard walking down Ellsworth three years ago.

- As always, check out my weekly column (and last week's column, which I forgot to link to) in the Diamondback, the University of Maryland's independent student newspaper. This week, I'm talking about loud movie patrons, a topic which has caused much weeping and gnashing of teeth at Silver Spring, Singular but proved to be kind of fun because it brings people together, that is, if everyone's agreed that they don't really care what Liam Neeson is saying so long as he's shooting people. (I'm pleasantly surprised that D'Back was willing to print most of the swears I heard, including the B-word and an (abridged) N-word, though the P-word I quoted was conspicuously absent.)

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Unknown said...

What bothers me is that bad language carries out into the street around the theater and then my kids are subjected to it. I use PLENTY of bad language when they aren't around, so I'm not a priss about it, but come on ... who wants their kids to hear the N, F and P words multiple times on the way to see a kids' movie?