Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what's up the pike: back to work

Hey, remember this season? It won't be long.

- This District 4 thing's becoming a real revolving door for East County's aspiring politicos. Just hours after Chris Paladino dropped out of the race, Burtonsville lawyer Rob Goldman takes his place. A native of Pittsburgh, Goldman has lived in Montgomery County for only five years, joining Paladino and Republican Lou August as candidates who are fairly new to the area. But if he's going to run, he should take note: don't list your law office in Bethesda as your campaign's contact, as it is many, many miles from the east side.

- County Executive Ike Leggett is resting after a drunk driver slammed into his car in Burtonsville Sunday night. The collision happened at the bottom of the Route 29 off-ramp for Route 198, just a few minutes from Leggett's home. A security officer, who was driving the car, suffered minor leg injuries.

- Greater Greater Washington's Cavan Wilk must read Just Up The Pike, because his post yesterday on why pedestrian-friendly communities are good for young people poaches on not one or two but three posts I wrote last week on the topic. Ouch, y'all. Figure I'd get at least a link or something.


Adam Pagnucco said...

What's that about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery?

MD_Lawyer said...

For the record, Rob Goldman has lived in Burtonsville for some time. He only works in Bethesda. It seems reasonable to receive mail at a work address.

Just my $0.02.

Thomas Hardman said...

I always find it astonishing when people in political campaigns refer to themselves in the third person. Example: Richard M Nixon's "I am not a crook" sounds far better than "they won't have old Dick Nixon to kick around any more".

Neither, I might add, turned out to be true. ;)

Unknown said...

Dan, sorry I didn't mean to look like I was ripping you off. I have a subscription to GQ magazine and the article that I linked to got me thinking. It was a sentiment that I've had for a while but the magazine article gave a nationally published example of the concepts that we agree on.

Rob Goldman said...

First, I am not MD_Lawyer. I do not refer to myself in the third person. I happen to have supporters in the legal community.
Second, my campaign address is Burtonsville. It was temporarily my office address in Bethesda as the campaign was getting established. Please refer to my website www.Goldman4Montgomery.com to confirm the campaign address.
Third, I also have a facebook page, Robert Goldman for Montgomery County Council.
Rob Goldman

MD_Lawyer said...

I can also confirm that Rob Goldman is not MD_Lawyer. MD_Lawyer is a Rob Goldman supporter who lives in East Montgomery County, but unfortunately not in District 4. BTW, the user ID MD_Lawyer also links to an old legal blog.

I do agree, however, that Rob Goldman would be the best person for the position. He is a very accomplished local attorney and the County would be better off with him on the Council.

Sorry to burst the conspiracy theory. As a local, I would find this blog more interesting if it stuck to discussing the issues...

Dan Reed said...

Don't really know how to take that. I've spent three years discussing the issues there, so I don't think it's necessarily unbecoming to point out a candidate's minor foible. I look forward to sitting down with Rob Goldman and having a discussion of the issues, though.