Monday, March 30, 2009

what's up the pike: three things to do today

- Over at Maryland Politics Watch, Adam's got a complete list of candidate forums for the District 4 special election to fill the seat vacated by former Councilmember Don Praisner. Also, there's a re-cap of last Sunday's (the 22nd) debate hosted by the Audobon Society in Chevy Chase which, as you may remember, is not in District 4.

- And, of course, tonight is the Paint Branch High candidate forum, tonight at the school on Old Columbia Pike in Burtonsville. The event starts tonight at 7pm.

- If talking about your landlord behind his/her back is more your deal, East County apartment dwellers can discuss the highs and lows of renting at a Tenant Work Group hosted by the MoCo Department of Housing and Community Affairs at the East County Regional Services Center on Briggs Chaney Road. That meeting also takes place at 7pm. (Thanks to Megan Moriarty for the heads-up.)

- Don't forget to check out our interview with Andrew Padula, the sixth in our series of County Council candidate profiles.

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Thomas Hardman said...

And here's something to do tomorrow, for those who won't be attending tomorrow evening's Candidate Debate.

Actually, Dan, this might interest you a lot, as it's a meeting discussing intentions for "fixing" the troubled neighborhoods that lie between Randolph Road and Matthew Henson State Park, and also between Veirs Mill Road and Georgia Avenue.

You may recall that I like to point out that there are a lot of neighborhoods in District 4 -- and probably most of the rest of the County -- that are almost identical in terms of needs, attitude, outlooks, resources, and problems, and you'd think that they'd all be working together since the only thing that distinguishes one neighborhood from the other is that there's a stream separating them.

This is exactly such a case. The only real difference between the Harmony Hill neighborhood and the Greenwood Knolls neighborhood is that one is north of one fork of the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek. The same can be said of the southern part of Wheaton Woods and Connecticut Avenue Park, and Stoney Brook (a.k.a. "Stoneybrook") and Stoney Brook Estates are two different sections (phase I and phase II) of the same development, on different sides of the Turkey Branch.

Yet the County seems to be doing a bit of divide-and-conquer. Perhaps it's because somehow they think that there is a real difference between the worst parts of zipcode 20853 and the worst parts of 20906. It's yet-another fluke of statistics and arbitrary boundaries, and the County planners and mid-level bureaucrats operating out of the Mid-County Service Center on Reedie Drive know this quite well.

Yet, that something is being done, somewhere, is a Good Thing.