Tuesday, April 21, 2009

special election today!

Today, East County voters head to the polls for the second County Council special primary election in as many years. I'll be heading to my polling place later today, and if you're unsure where yours is, check out Montgomery County's page on the special election.

While we're not expecting turnout like in last year's presidential vote (that's Paint Branch High School above), it's worth noting that this election could be a major turning point for East County. When the general election is held May 19, the winner will only be the third councilmember to represent District 4 since the County Council created individual districts twenty years ago. They'll also be the first councilmember who is not a member of the Praisner family, in itself a big change in east side politics.

You've seen my interviews with the candidates (if not, see left sidebar) and you know where my interests lie, but today is the day that everyone - or, at least, the eight percent of voters who actually care/live in Leisure World - gets to put their two cents in. I'll have the election results here as soon as I can get my hands on them.

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Thomas Hardman said...

And remember, a vote for Hardman is a vote for the voter.

I am beholden to none but the voters. No special interests, no developer money, no union backing, no Council endorsements.

Just working for YOU.