Tuesday, June 30, 2009

daily snapshot: the fountain

People Outside City Place Mall (Colesville and Fenton)
One of my earliest memories living in Downtown Silver Spring as a kid is of being in the car, on what I would later learn was Colesville Road, in front of a building I would later learn was called City Place Mall. Then it was just a big new thing that had appeared in my consciousness. I was four. I remember a banner draped over the front of the new building, words like "Construction" or "Coming Soon." There was a drawing, too. Maybe that's when I decided I would be an architect.

A few months later my mother would take me to the new AMC movie theatre to see The Little Rascals. I remember going to see a puppet show at the Armory, and I remember being scared of the skater kids at East of Maui. These are all little things, but someone who moved to Silver Spring just a few years after I had would never have known they existed.

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