Monday, June 22, 2009

daily snapshot: the rainbow

Many Colors Of Butts, American Apparel (Fenton and Colesville)

Having an American Apparel is an important thing for any aspiring city to have. It says, "We are cool and hip! We believe not in sweatshop labor! Bow to us, Bethesda, for the unshaven indie kids come not to you for their fashion but to here!" But, in order to even attract the hipster element, you must have a bit of controversy, and it's not surprising that when this store at Colesville and Fenton first opened three years ago neighbors complained that the models in their storefront advertising weren't clothed enough.

Would they take offense from a display that involves fully dressed mannequins, but in rather provocative poses? Or can we all agree that the rainbow motif is a metaphor for Silver Spring's diversity?

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