Monday, June 29, 2009

daily snapshot: reflection


When buildings get older they become consumed with self-doubt. Trendy when built, suddenly they're faced with the possibility they may be obsolete. Up and down our avenues, if you listen closely, you can hear the concerned mutters between sagging roofs and creaking floors: Are my windows too big? Too small? Is my mechanical unit showing? Should I have gone a different route, become an office tower instead, or an art museum? Will old age - and the squatters - be kind? How long until I'm back in style again, and someone comes to lovingly restore me to my former glory?

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Thomas Hardman said...


Buildings are inanimate objects.

They have no feelings.

Don't project onto them.

As the IKEA ad says, that would be crazy.

Of course, fashionistas would say that if it's not trendy, just destroy it and build something new that will as quickly become non-trendy and have to be destroyed and rebuilt again.

Think of all of the jobs created and all of the developers who will be enriched!

That isn't crazy...

Just wasteful, and senseless.