Thursday, July 16, 2009

don't forget: sligo creek golf course hearing tonight

The Department of Parks is holding a public hearing tonight for what to do with the Sligo Creek Golf Course, which will close October 1st due to an agreement that prevents it from competing with other county golf courses. Possible uses for the 65-acre site, located at Sligo Creek Parkway and the Capital Beltway, include a preserve and nature center, a recreational park, or a sports complex. The hearing's at 7pm at the Park and Planning Commission's headquarters at Georgia and Spring; interested parties can sign up to testify here.

Afterwards, tell me what you thought of the meeting! Leave a comment or shoot an e-mail to justupthepike at gmail dot com.

1 comment:

retgroclk said...

Let us hope that they turn it into a nature center.

A sports complex will only attract more unnecessary traffic and put a strain on the ecosystem.

We do not need more traffic on Sligo Creek Parkway.
A nature center would have less traffic and perhaps can provide a history of how the place looked years ago.