Monday, August 3, 2009

what's up the pike: "towers" was her maiden name

'Georgian' Marquee
- The Georgian (nèe Georgian Towers) Apartments at Georgia and Fenwick are throwing a party to celebrate the building's new rooftop pool "sixteen stories above Downtown Silver Spring," as its website proclaims. DJ Seyhan Duru will be spinning at the event, which is this Wednesday at 6pm. Built in 1967, Georgian recently completed a multi-million-dollar renovation, aiming to compete with Downtown's newer apartment towers.

- Howard County foodie blog HowChow reviewed Cafe Oromia, the Ethiopian restaurant on Route 198 in Burtonsville, concluding that the spice-averse will be safe here. "This isn't the Adams Morgan stews that have left me gulping water at times, but everything tasted good to me," they say.

- It's not the Fillmore, but something might happen relatively soon with the parking lot behind the Lee Building on Georgia Avenue. DCmud reports that the Potomac-based Willco Companies are developing a 190,000 square-foot office-and-retail building at 8621 Georgia, adjacent to the former District Courthouse. Designed by Donnally Vujcic Architects, the thirteen-story building will seek LEED Silver certification. The building should be ready for occupancy by the spring of 2011.

- Adam over at MPW points us to the Post's obituary for Fairland resident Stuart Rochester, who passed away last week after a long battle with melanoma. While we may know him as East County's most outspoken civic activist, Rochester's also renowned as a military historian, documenting the struggles of prisoners of war in Vietnam.


Tom A. said...

Howdy. New To MoCo after 3 years in DC, and 40 ish years in New England before that!

Great blog, but why do you consider Rockville in "eastern" MoCo? I always thought it was in the west end of the county, and looking at a map- it's clearly in the western side, or maybe "mid-county" if there is such a designation!

Keep up the great blog! I just started one to highlight my adventures in (greater) Kensington. Fun times so far!

Dan Reed said...

Rockville is totally not in East County. But I do work in Rockville, so some of what I write inevitably ends up having to do with where I spend forty hours a week.

Damascus is also not in East County, but after my trip to Jimmie Cone I'm willing to make them an honorary member of East County.

BHZ said...

Surprised you didn't comment on the Georgian's "It's Better on Top" tagline. Does Robert Palmer live there?

Tom A. said...

oops. I assumed "Just Up the Pike" was a reference to Rockville Pike! My bad.

HowChowBlog said...

Columbia Pike!! We are trying to lure you north up Rte 29 to Howard County.

Thanks for the mention.