Thursday, October 8, 2009

daily snapshot: argent sculpture

Sculpture Outside Argent Condos
This is a new sculpture in the plaza outside of the Argent, a brand-new condo at 410 and Blair Mill Road. It's pretty cool to think that nothing in this picture - save for the NOAA office building in the background - existed as recently as five years ago. This is the same spot a year and a half ago, looking head-on at the Argent, which hadn't even topped out yet.

Argent Sculpture Looking Towards Acorn Park
Looking the other way towards Newell Street, you can see something else that pre-dates everything around it: the Acorn in Acorn Park, home to Silver Spring's namesake and erected in the mid-19th century. I don't really know what to think of the sculpture (is it memorable? is it provocative? at the very least, is it pretty?) but I do enjoy how the forms frame Francis Preston Blair's little garden folly.

Kinda want them to rip out this little fence around the sculpture, though. You're not going to keep anyone out with that, though with additional "pocket parks" across the street at the Veridian and the yet-to-be-completed 1200 East-West, you probably won't have that many visitors anyway.

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