Monday, November 16, 2009

more progress on civic building

Civic Building, Nov. 2009 (3)
One month after the ice rink outside the new Silver Spring Civic Building was formed, we're seeing even more signs of progress. The supports for the super-modern, glowing canopy that'll go over the rink are already in place. Also, you can see the wood paneling creeping across the first floor of the building itself. There's actually more of it than shown in the original renderings, which is a welcome change.

Civic Building, Nov. 2009 (1)
The building under construction.

"Your Name Here"
The original rendering.

While I wasn't initially a fan of the new Civic Building's design (I believe "piece of Modernist crap" was the word I used back in '06), I think the wood adds much-needed warmth to what'll hopefully become a new public hearth for Silver Spring.

That "Your Name Here" is a reminder to all y'all readers out there who might have a potential namesake (or potential corporate sponsor, har har) for the Silver Spring Civic Building. Now that the Rockville Library's been handed over to our veterans, Doug Duncan's name is up for grabs, but my vote remains for the Dave Chappelle Civic Building.

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Thayer-D said...

It still looks like a piece of modernist crap, but it's my piece and in the end people make the place, not buildings.