Tuesday, December 8, 2009

windows arrive at new civic building

Civic Building, Dec. 2009

County officials say they hope to have the new Silver Spring Civic Building and Veterans' Plaza open by July 1 of next year, just in time for summer. Construction of the public hall and adjacent square at Ellsworth and Fenton is moving along nicely. Last weekend, I spotted a new delivery at the work site: windows.

Windows Arrive At Civic Building

At first glance I thought they'd swapped out the single-pane windows seen in this rendering for something with a grid, like the windows of the Bauhaus or even the Montgomery Arms apartments a block away at Colesville and Fenton. Something clean and streamlined, but with a nod to the past as well.

Then I noticed that the frames looked kinda shabby, and it occurred to me that you can't just carry windows on the back of a truck because they could shatter and you probably need something to hold them in. So much for that. I'm still looking forward to the Civic Building's completion. Between it, the new Silver Spring Library and the Transit Center, there's going to be a new crop of modern buildings downtown. Not only will they redefine the way we spend time there, but they'll add a new layer to the decades of architectural history already on display.

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