Monday, March 1, 2010

what's up the pike: blogs and bagels

Silver Spring Action 2009 (3)

- IMPACT Silver Spring continues its successful annual networking event with Silver Spring Action: Re-imagine Community Space!, taking place at 7pm Wednesday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Georgia and Fenwick. JUTP met a lot of people - and pissed off a couple of them - at last year's event, and I'm looking forward to going again this year. (The food was also very good.) Visit IMPACT's website for more info and to RSVP.

- Speaking of IMPACT, their staffer Kusum Pushkerna's started a Facebook group called I Blog in Silver Spring, for "bloggers who blog and share stories in Silver Spring, MD through blogs." There's already thirty-one bloggers in the group, which as you may note is many more blogs than there are in the "East County Blogs" box at the bottom of your screen. Check it out!

- Are you tired of the Tea Party movement? I don't bring national politics into this space but - wow! I'm much more a fan of coffee. So I'm happy to read that there's a Coffee Party and that it started right here in Silver Spring. If you like your grassroots political activism without a healthy dose of "you betcha," check them out.

- Both Goldberg's Bagels in Montgomery Hills and Joe's Record Paradise in Downtown Silver Spring both opened for business this past weekend. Thayer Avenue notes the extensive selection of 45's (before my time) at Joe's, while Silver Spring, Singular explains how to get towed for parking in the wrong lot behind the store, though it looks like the awesome bagels at Goldberg's made up for it.

- Tonight, see new local swing band Swingtopia, an eight-piece outfit led by Doug Elliott and featuring our very own Cyndy, who writes the blog Photocynthesis, on the bass. They'll be making their first appearance at Greek Village, a restaurant in Colesville best known for the deer that crashed through their window last year. Check them out at 8pm at the restaurant, located at New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road.


Cyndy said...

Thanks again for the plug - we are now going to be playing the every Monday in March!

Anonymous said...

I'm not on facebook but I live in the area and blog as well! Unfortunately it seems some of the bogs on your blog roll are no longer posting. I was hoping to add a few.. hopefully they will get going again soon!