Monday, May 10, 2010

what's up the pike: odds and ends

Odds and Ends, Selim Road
- Tomorrow, give your opinion on how we should inaugurate the Silver Spring Civic Building, opening less than two months from now on July 8. "Come ready to share what you'd like to see for the opening; and come ready to offer how you'd like to help," writes Reemberto Rodriguez, director of the Silver Spring Regional Services Center, which will operate the new complex. The meeting's at 7pm in the Round House Theatre Educational Center, located on the first floor of the Wayne Avenue Garage at Wayne and Georgia.

- We Love DC looks at Silver Spring through the eyes of the bloggers that love it, namely myself and Karl from Silver Spring, Singular. It's a little confusing that the post says it'll "focus on the urban area of Silver Spring around the Metro station" but mentions that the "and the ICC is slated to connect with the area as well," despite being many, many miles away from Downtown. I do, however, enjoy the lack of comments calling Silver Spring "sterile" or whatever.

And in Asian food news:

- Lunching in the DMV eats Korean at Woomi Garden in Wheaton and notes that if you speak Korean, you'll get better service. "My bf ordered in English, then as we were leaving he said thank you and bye in Korean, and our waitress told us if he had spoken in Korean earlier, we would have had better care," writes blogger Dskco.

- Meanwhile, Good Eatin' lists all the Chinese places in Wheaton he knows, though he leaves out Full Key. Like Woomi Garden, this place is so authentic that you'll get rewarded for speaking the language (in this case, Cantonese). Americans like me, on the other hand, might want to avoid stopping by at busy times, because you probably won't get seated. (This has happened to me.)

- Wheaton Calling tries banh mi - a Vietnamese sub sandwich with meats and veggies served in a French baguette - at Saigonese Restaurant on Grandview Avenue in Wheaton, by far the only banh mi worth eating in the area. (No lie: I have been there TWICE in the past week.)

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