Thursday, July 8, 2010


Goddamn. The Civic Building is done and it looks fine. Let's put away our frustration about who gets to use it and who doesn't for a second and admire what a fucking awesome building we just built, right here in "There are so many bad buildings . . . it’s a hard place to do good" downtown Silver Spring.

You know the drill by now. Check out these pictures, and I'll see y'all this afternoon at 1:30pm for live music and at 6:30pm proper ribbon-cutting for our long-awaited "front porch and living room."

Veterans' Field At Night
Here's what it looked like in 2006 . . .

Veterans Plaza, July 2010
And here we are today.

Rear Entrance
For those who say we have too much glass and steel in Silver Spring, and not enough wood.

Civic Building, July 2010
And for those who said we don't have enough trees.

Admiring The Canopy, July 2010
The canopy over the new ice rink is breathtaking. I can't wait to see it cleaned up.

Civic Building Seen From Ellsworth, July 2010
The kids who hang out on Ellsworth are chomping at the bits, I'm sure, to hang out in the new plaza.

Here's a look at the Civic Building's progress, from last May to today.


Joe said...

I gave serious thought to wearing a bright green "BRING BACK THE TURF" shirt whenever this day finally came. I do find it ineresting that there's virtually no "buzz" here around DTSS - no signs anywhere that I could see last week or this week about the grand opening...

Dan Reed said...

That is surprising. The Downtown Silver Spring complex will undoubtedly get more business from the Civic Building and especially Veterans' Plaza, even if they don't directly profit from it.

Of course, when it's open, it'll probably generate its own buzz, much as "the Turf' did five years ago.