Tuesday, March 15, 2011

early drawings of "gritty smooth" pub in wheaton

Local architect Chuck Witmer of SCALEhouse design sent us these preliminary renderings of Eagle, a new bar in downtown Wheaton. "eagle is a neighborhood bar concept for Wheaton, MD that will serve great beer and wine along with a one of a kind gritty smooth menu," writes Witmer. I'm not sure what a "gritty smooth" menu is, but it sounds lovely. Witmer says that the new bar will be located on Elkin Street between Legends Billiards Cafe and the soon-to-open Limerick Pub, though it won't be built anytime soon.

Back in 2009, SCALEhouse designed a new clubhouse (scroll down!) for Sligo Creek Golf Course, though these plans won't be leaving the drawing board anytime soon. For a look at Witmer's built work, check out his furniture page, featuring items in his own home. (I especially like the coffee table: "+1 part steel, +1 part wood, +1 part light.")


WheatonCalling said...

Well, this definitely sounds promising. I wonder if the 'gritty smooth' description was inspired by the 'feral urbanism' tag that Eatin in Wheaton likes to use to describe our hood. Do you know where this is going in?

Scott said...

Hey, just to let you know, the Limerick Pub opened on the 7th of this month. :)

BD said...

Any updates on this? I would love another Wheaton bar, and the drawings and beer plan seem promising.