Thursday, May 19, 2011

the newest addition to downtown silver spring . . .

On Google Maps, at least. Google Map Maker is a service that lets you make additions or edits to Google Maps. You can draw buildings or change the location of an address to make it more accurate. In college, I asked to have the address of our apartment building, 4250 Knox Road, shifted to reflect that the building actually wasn't on Knox Road.

So yesterday I was looking at Google Map Maker and I thought, I'd like to draw a building on it. So I added the Silver Spring Civic Building and, this morning, I got an e-mail saying it's been added.

This is about as far from "actual news" as we could get, but I figure if I'm going to get back into blogging regularly, this is a good start.


Ryan said...

nice. inspired by your post, i moved the chick-fil-a marker there to its proper place :D

Greg Sanders said...


I've been pondering how to do something with google maps and the purple line. I think it would be helpful if you could see what your commute would be like if it existed. I'm not sure if the API is robust and easy to use enough to make it practical to do an app.