Friday, May 18, 2012

what's up the pike: food and georgia avenue

Two quick links about food, both related to Georgia Avenue:
- As I wrote before, this Saturday Sunday is the 17th-annual Taste of Wheaton festival, located at the corner of Reedie Drive and Grandview Avenue in downtown Wheaton. As always, there will be live music, booths with over 50 local organizations and businesses, karaoke, arts and crafts for the kids and, of course, food samples from 14 of Wheaton's favorite restaurants. There could be more food, and more local food, unfortunately. The Gazette interviews many local restauranteurs who say they're unable to staff the event, which means that half of the participating vendors are chains, like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. Nonetheless, it still looks like a promising afternoon. - At least there's still a festival for Wheaton's restaurants to participate in. Down Georgia Avenue in D.C., the Caribbean Carnival announced they're moving to Baltimore after being unable to settle their debts with the city. Though some people are quick to point out that four people were shot at last year's festival, the mostly peaceful event was a boon to local restaurants like Li'l GT Cafe, owned by my aunt and cousin. The Post's Clinton Yates interviewed my cousin Navendra about what the Caribbean Carnival means to their shop and the city.

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