Wednesday, July 5, 2006

cronyism, still leaving East County high and dry

- Steven Ginsberg's blog at the Post website presents some very familiar information on the status of the Purple Line, via a bus tour with some MTA officials. Once again, they say - construction is to start in 2011 (when the ICC is finished), and that is if we are very lucky.

This is barring a) high cost estimates, meaning no Federal funding; b) more bitching and moaning from Chevy Chase (and now, sadly, East Silver Spring) NIMBYs, which will be aided by another lawsuit from the Columbia Country Club; or simply c) Ehrlich pulls the plug once and for all, regardless if the first two occur.

- The Post writes an editorial on Site II, the former sludge plant off of Broadbirch Drive near the WesTech Business Park, and stalled plans to turn it into a science-and-technology office park with similar aspirations as the existing Silver Spring Innovation Center downtown. The Prince George's County Council is blocking the project to gain control of a program run by WSSC, the property's owner, that could benefit a P.G. commissioner. (Note, though, that the development is well within Montgomery County.)

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