Thursday, July 6, 2006

more hilarity in the Gazette letters

Local Calverton windbag G. Stanley Doore is at it again, writing a letter in this week's Gazette about how elevated highways and monorail will finally save Montgomery County from storm-related traffic woes - instead of making us a wanna-be Jacksonville, Florida:

The thunderstorms the area recently experienced demonstrated another of the many advantages of elevating roads like an Intercounty Connector and using elevated monobeam-monorail above streets and waterways to avoid problems.

The rest of the world understands this basic principle; however, government and people here don’t.

Unfortunately, Doore and a small cadre of like-minded individuals are the main voice of East County, serving as little more than a distraction to the real issues in our community. Our County Councilwoman, Marilyn Praisner, is similarly out-of-touch, so it's no surprise that three people are running against her in this November's election.

East County desperately needs new representation - both in the County government and from its neighborhoods. If we had better leaders, maybe we would not be the "forgotten part" of Montgomery County.

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perrik said...

We could build a monorail here in Calverton, but it's more of a Shelbyville idea...

(come on, I can't be the only one who thinks of the Simpsons whenever the monorail concept is brought up yet again as eastern MoCo's savior)