Thursday, July 27, 2006

go east, young man!

For Whites in Prince George's, a Mirror on Race

Front page of the Post today says what I (as a half-Black, half-Indian Suitland "ex-pat") have been hoping would happen for a long time: that people - especially white people - would give up on living in suburban West Virginia or the overrated horse country of Loudoun County and start looking east again, towards oft-maligned but still thriving Prince George's County. Of course, some culture shock is bound to happen:

Time, says Hopper, can often be more of a suggestion in Prince George's.

My friend "just laughed at me. She was like, 'Oh, Abby, 2 didn't really mean 2,' " Hopper said.

Now, we know better to invoke the principle of Colored People's Time. Appointments can - and will - be kept just as promptly in Greenbelt as they are in Gaithersburg.

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