Saturday, July 1, 2006

Is Milty Peterson an evangelist?

The past couple of times I've been in Downtown Silver Spring I've noticed the Classical music normally piped in through the speakers has been missing, and in its place, some sort of soft rock was playing. This is understandable: there isn't a dentist's office in Metropolitan Washington that isn't playing 97.1 or 107.3 over their speakers to appease the soccer moms who listen to them.

But something's different in Downtown Silver Spring. Is it just me - or did I just hear "Jesus is Lord"? They're playing Christian rock through the speakers.

Now, I was raised Methodist, but there are still some places where I'd like not to be evangelized. I'm sure this latest development in Silver Spring isn't amusing a lot of people. Then again, though, the piped-in music tends to get drowned out by the real Downtown soundtrack of idle car engines and blasting reggaeton.


MoCoPolitics said...

It's my first visit, and I'm glad to see that someone is writing about the forgotten part of the county.

OnBackground said...

I never noticed the music. I'll have to listen more closely so that I can get mad.