Wednesday, October 4, 2006

bengals make good

Most high schools are known for their lousy garage bands, and even my alma mater Blake High School, with its focus on the arts and humanities, couldn't muster up anything better.

Until now: The Gazette profiles Layhill, a band of five Blake graduates who are also building a flying machine for this year's Red Bull Flugtag competition in Baltimore. Despite the barbershop-quartet imagery of their new album The Barbershop Quartet, their sound is something like 311 by way of, um, Layhill Road.

I suppose that makes Two Good Bands Out Of East County, the other being The Spotlight, which is quoted up there (scroll back up). And then, of course, there's O.A.R.. They're from Wootton High in Rockville, of course, but I'm willing to make them honorary residents of East County (in case anyone cares).

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