Tuesday, November 28, 2006

stuck in a NIMBY rut

While Virginia is pushing for more transit funding, why are "Evil Developers" and ways to stop them all that we can talk about in Montgomery County? Sure, Virginia Gov. Thomas Kaine wants to slow growth as well, but he goes a step further than making quixotic statements about "improving infrastructure" and "catching up," which is all our new County Executive can say.

Look, I'm upset that Montgomery County developers are shirking their responsibility to provide affordable housing in projects such as this development in Woodside. I worked at the firm that designed this project, and I met Joe Alfandre, the developer. He's a nice guy, but obviously he's not doing his job (nor are most New Urbanists when it comes to affordable housing, but that's for another day) and I think we need to do something about that.

But the people who led this current anti-developer push don't really care about affordable housing, and they're going to drag the well-being of Montgomery County down as they fight to keep their property values up.

Ike Leggett says he wants to people to have "confidence and respect for the system" with him as County Executive. Well, I'm not going to have confidence OR respect in a County government who seems to dwell on one issue which, as popular as it may be right now, doesn't actually provide a solution.

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Silver Springer said...

Montgomery is pedaling backwards.