Tuesday, December 26, 2006

an air of professionalism

After months of being asked what the Just Up The Pike address is, and having to write it out on a decidedly-unprofessional scrap of paper, I have decided to get some business cards. VistaPrint will print them for free (you just have to pay shipping and handling) - a good deal for the starving blogger. Over on the right is a mock-up of the business card and some ideas for slogans. Feel free to vote on the one you like most.

This blog would not be anything if not for the readers. I put on a sitemeter about a month ago to see how many hits I get, and Just Up The Pike is well on its way to getting 3,000 hits by the end of the year. (This doesn't even include all the people who visited from inception in June!)

Thanks for reading! I wish you all a happy and safe holiday!


Anonymous said...

Dan, {Maryland's} too big. How about Blogging the Montgomery County Burbs or Silver Spring Burbs or East Montgomery County or Down County or Walking the line between Silver Spring and College Park or Blogging Out Route 29.
Have used Vista Print for promotions before too. Their quality is really good for as cheap as they are and the amount of customization they allow.

perrik said...

I've got a slogan for you - "Blogging from Blair Mill to Burtonsville"!

VistaPrint's free cards are a good deal. Unless you pay a little extra, the back of the card will have VistaPrint advertising across the bottom. There's still plenty of white space on the back, though (maybe four-fifths or five-sixths remains blank). I have the yellow tulip b-cards for my freelance writing, and they're very attractive. I also ordered address labels (another free + shipping deal), not quite as nicely printed but still a great price-quality ratio.

Anonymous said...

blogging the suburbs is awful.

blogging the burbs is great.

Dan Reed said...

"bloggin' the suburbs" is a play on the Ben Folds song "rockin' the suburbs," but if it's really that bad, maybe I should reconsider . . .

And I like "Blair Mill to Burtonsville," but I wonder if Blair Mill Road is recognizable to most people as Downtown Silver Spring. I also thought of "Silver Spring to Sandy Spring Road (also known as Route 198)," but the same issue comes up.

Keep the ideas coming!

Anonymous said...

Variation on Perrik's idea: From The Blairs to Burtonsville.

B. Santos said...

Great cards!

I have been printing mine off of a laser printer. I would imagine the Vista Print card stock is of a better quality. Maybe we could get together to exchange cards one day?

Bill Santos
Columbia Compass

perrik said...

"Scribbling from Silver Spring to Scaggsville"?

Not quite the same dulcet ring to it...

Anonymous said...

It should be a takeoff of Poe's "The Telltale Heart".
Maybe the Heartbeat of Silver Spring?