Sunday, December 24, 2006

it's christmas eve in washington

I don't care what you say, "Christmas Eve in Washington" by Maura Sullivan is my favorite Christmas song. Period.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Just Up The Pike!

It's snowing tonight in the Blue Ridge
There's a hush on the Ches'peake Bay
The chimneys are smoking in Georgetown
And tomorrow is Christmas Day

The Tidal Basin lies quiet
The tourists have found their way home
Mr. Jefferson's standing the mid-watch
And there's a star on the Capitol Dome

It's Christmas Eve in Washington
America's hometown
For it's here that freedom lives
And peace can stand her ground

It's Christmas Eve in Washington
Our joyous wish to you
Is for peace, love and laughter
to last the whole year through

Snowmen peeking through the windows
It's warm with love inside
'Round the tree the children gather
Awaiting Santa's midnight ride

Mom and Dad are counting their blessings
Reflecting on all they've done
So thankful for another
Christmas Eve in Washington


Sligo said...

Personally, my favorite is "Christmas in Hollis"...

kathleen mcdonald said...

christmas eve in washington is the best, especially it means so much to you if you have grown up in that area . amen.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have the sheet music to "christmas eve in washington"? i can't seem to find it ANYWHERE!

if you do my e-mail is

Anonymous said...

I know the singer and co-author of this song very well. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of "Christmas Eve in Washington" on CD you can contact me directly at 703-932-5870. I'll tell you where to send your check and I'll be sure you get it in time for Christmas. All orders need to be received by Dec. 18th to insure delivery.

Anonymous said...

Is the co-author Jim London?

Anonymous said...

I Love "Christmas Eve In Washington" it is by far THE BEST Christmas song ever !! Especially if you grew - up around DC. I remember the Christmas of 1987 when Jim and Maura released it on the WMZQ morning show. I loved it then and would love a copy now that I live in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

withouta doubt, the worst performance of a potentially great song.

Anonymous said...

I love this song. It brings tears to my eyes. I grew up on a farm in Iowa and since I was 12 years old dreamed of living in Washington. Now I am living my dream. Every year I go down to the Elipse on Christmas Eve. I love hearing this song as I drive down there. It reminds me that dream do come true!

Anonymous said...

I am a born and raised Washingtonian and have lived here for my entire life (almost 60 years). Christmas Eve in Wasington is one of my favorite songs at this time of the year. It may not be the greatest song ever sung but it is still a very pretty song to look forward at holiday time every year.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this was released in 1987? I could have sworn that I first heard it in the late 1960's!

Anonymous said...

Christmas Eve in Washington is my favorite christmas song. I work in a Middle School in Orlando, Florida and I was trying to get the music for our music department. Our chorus is so great I would like to have them sing Chirstmas Eve in Washington to our area so if someone has not been to Washington or Virginia it gives them of beautiful picture of the area and want to visit. I moved here from Chantilly, Va. and I sure do miss it. So if anyone knows how I can get a copy of the music for my music department please e-mail me @ I have the Tape.

Thank You
Elaine Rogers

anonymous said...

The web site is up and running. You can order CD's etc. from there. It's also available as an MP3 format download through ITunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, Napster etc.