Wednesday, December 20, 2006

moco considers average joes

TOMORROW: A response to plans to open a brewery in the old Silver Spring Volunteer Fire House.
"With the moratorium, whichever way it goes, I will vote for what is best for my constituents." - Councilwoman Valerie Ervin
Just Up The Pike is holding to its moratorium on "moratorium" - but it's worth noting that the County Council's cooled down on Marilyn Praisner's original proposal to cap new development in Montgomery County, noting its potential to screw over "average Joes." But where does Valerie Ervin, who represents "average Joes" in Silver Spring, Wheaton and White Oak, stand on the moratorium? This appearance on NewsTalk from last August has her calling for a moratorium in Downtown Silver Spring. I can only hope she's reconsidered since then . . .

[Thanks to The Daily Penguin for the heads-up.]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for catching my editorializing!

In my post, I say that Ervin didn't agree with the building moratorium, which was proposed at the council's first meeting on Dec. 5.

Actually, she objected to an expedited vote on the planning board's review of growth policy. She didn't give a specific thumbs down to the moratorium.

However, at the same council meeting, Ervin said she doubted that the council could dictate market forces, that development would follow demand.

What's it all mean? I dunno.

Thanks for the opportunity to clear things up.

Silver Springer said...
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Silver Springer said...

Are you going to testify Dan?