Wednesday, December 13, 2006

traffic relief: everything falls into place

This past week, Ike Leggett called for a gas tax increase, and the County Council passed a resolution saying the revenue should go to transportation projects like the Purple Line, and I fully agree with all of it. While these measures don't have the force of law (says the Gazette), it's a hopeful sign that traffic relief is on the way.

In an e-mailed press release, Ben Ross from Action Committee for Transit said that "consensus has been achieved at long last" in the County Council, with all nine members - including Roger Berliner, who represents Purple Line battleground Bethesda - supporting better transportation spending.

When the State doesn't follow through, it's time for local jurisdictions to step in and build it themselves, a trend the Post noted last month. This is what we should be doing: finding as many ways as possible to fund transportation projects so that they actually get built. Praisner's moratorium may feel good, but I'll tell you it's not going to take a single car off the roads.

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