Sunday, January 21, 2007

intimate circumstances in loudoun county

This is not East County news, but it follows the last entry well. I promise (now that I'm back home, of course) to return Up The Pike next week.

The following is from an e-mail sent by the PR guy of Greenvest, a major local developer, to Stephen J. Snow, Loudoun County Supervisor:
Steve Snow's vote cannot be bought and sold. I served my country in the military for 25 years to protect and preserve democracy and the buying and selling of votes was not among those values.

If Greenvest, or any other development, is successful in getting my vote, it will be because that developer has heard the mandates from this current Board of Supervisors that developers are expected to make significant contributions to the infrastructure of our County and be more responsive and responsible in meeting the needs of our citizens.
What's happening here? Has Loudoun County's cozy relationship with developers robbed them of their credibility? Or would an elected official say the same thing if he weren't sleeping with them? It sounds like Greenvest is willing to help but, then again, they're not held accountable to the Loudoun County public. If they build a school in a new development, they're being a good corporate citizen, but Stephen Snow just looks like a whore.

I mean, he can't even write his own "talking points." I can't agree with some of our new elected officials in Montgomery County, but I'd like to think they wouldn't sell themselves to outside interests (other than the Neighbors, of course.)

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