Wednesday, February 21, 2007

topping off city place

What you're looking at is the future of City Place Mall, according to Silver Spring Penguin. Is this good? Well, I'll have to see more. The City Place Tower looks like a pastiche of every single 80's-era office building currently existing in Downtown Silver Spring. Big, gray concrete hulks, they mope around the business district like the huddles of depressed teenagers you see on "the Turf" during the summer.

ALSO IN THE NEWS: Prince George's says Calverton sludge plant sale was a bad deal; at Blake High, teenage eating disorders take a strange, if charitable, turn; and the Burtonsville Day celebration might be in jeopardy.

Tomorrow, we'll hear from George Leventhal; but in the meantime, read our interview with Ike Leggett and see the Barbies taking MoCo by storm.

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Anonymous said...

The office building should be converted into a Ritz Carlton like at the Galleria. That would bring more upscale retailers to the shady City Place Mall.