Sunday, May 13, 2007

catching up with just up the pike

BUT FIRST: in Silver Spring, Blades of Glory fan Roger K. Lewis endorses an ice rink for Veterans' Plaza in his weekly column; in College Park, students pressure UMCP to back the Purple Line, and new on-campus dorms could be built by 2009.

I've just returned from a weekend in Belltown, Delaware. It used to be that a "beach house" meant a house located on, or near, a beach; but the house I spent the weekend in, which belonged to a friend's parents, was several miles away. The new Delaware "beach suburbs" don't look too different than the suburbs that beachgoers are coming from - the strips are wide and lined with chain restaurants; the subdivisions have wide, green lawns; and the new houses are as big (and expensive) as they are here. I'll talk more about it later this week.

ALSO COMING UP: Finals! I will try to post what I can - and there is a lot to talk about. By TUESDAY, I'll talk about last week's Blogger Summit and the fourth-ever meeting of Citizens Involved, East County's newest "civic umbrella group." By THURSDAY, I'll talk about the new Rockville Town Square and how it stacks up to Downtown Silver Spring.

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Anonymous said...

The bloggers are following the turf-rink debate much more than I do. Can anyone tell me what kind of usage the Wheaton Park ice skating rink has? How many people from east of 29 use it? It would make sense, to me, to examine the use of what we already have before building something new.