Monday, May 21, 2007

so long, neighborspac?

Last week Drew Powell, super-NIMBY and head of Neighbors for a Better Montgomery, threw his hat into the race for Rockville mayor (along with current Silver Spring "mayor" Susan Hoffmann).

But the Neighbors seem to be in trouble: their website has been gone since the beginning of the month. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN for the MoCo NIMBY establishment . . . other than the fact someone hasn't been paying their server bills?


Anonymous said...

So long as there are rich white people in MoCo there will be plenty of NIMBY's to go around and stir up trouble. You have Leggett and some of the other elected NIMBY's on the county council putting down growth restrictions and growth is happening as fast as it was under End Gridlock. I think Neighborspac has failed spectacularly.

Montgomery Slacker said...

Beat you too it! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Good bye and good riddance, Neighbors for a Whiter Montgomery.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast... I just clicked on and it works just fine. It looks like they're here to stay.

Anonymous said...

why do they still obsessively focus on Duncan, Silverman and Subin? None of those men is in office.

A little advice for the NIMBYPAC: Get a life.