Monday, July 30, 2007

"down briggs chaney, with its average life that's full of drama scenes . . ."

A LITTLE LATER TODAY: I talk to Drew Powell!

The Briggs Chaney Road area doesn't get a lot of love from most East County residents. This motley mix of scraggly apartments and townhomes is often ignored by people now able to whiz through on Route 29. But this Saturday, you're invited to look at Briggs Chaney in a different light.

East County Community Day, which goes down August 4th at noon, will turn Windsor Court and Tower Apartments into a wonderland of activity for anyone willing to make the trip down Castle Boulevard. There'll be food and fun for the whole family - in addition to a brief service for the Nuka family, whose three children perished in a fire in the Windsor apartments last month.

Just Up The Pike will even have a table where you can learn a little more about what I'm all about. (I think: I have to talk to the person in charge there.) So come on by - if East County can't come together around hamburgers and hot dogs, I don't think there's any hope for us.

post title from "Briggs Chaney" by local band The Spotlight.

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