Wednesday, July 4, 2007

downtown silver spring photo walk

Today, some two hundred photographers descended on Ellsworth Drive, demanding their right to free speech be respected. TONIGHT: Just Up The Pike brings you full coverage of the Downtown Silver Spring Photo Walk, including interviews with residents, State Senator Jamie Raskin and I.J. Hudson representing the Peterson Companies. We even got a few words from Chip Py, the guy who started it all.

And, of course, there will be lots of pictures.


Anonymous said...

nice shameless promotion

Anonymous said...

Anything to stir up attention and show resentment against Developers Modernizing Silver Spring.

Its no surprise that All of the people that participated in this hidden anti-Growth agenda BS was nothing but a bunch of pot belly country blue grass listening redneck hillbillies possibly from Virginia and/or West Virginia.

chippy said...

Corn dont grow to good on Rocky Top
Dirts to rocky by far,
That's why all us folks on Rocky Top,
Get's our Corn from a jar!!!