Thursday, July 19, 2007

this is your mother's silver spring (see picture)

WHAT'S UP THE PIKE? Searching for truth in the bowels of Rockville; Town Hall Meeting with Ike Leggett TONIGHT in Woodside; JUTP hits the issues with Drew Powell and Susan Hoffmann LATER THIS WEEK.

Wednesday's adventure with Drew Powell (It's required reading if you haven't already - test on Friday!) might have you thinking I've moved to Rockville, but it's still about East County on Just Up The Pike:

THE BUS STOPS HERE: The era of "mandatory busing" ends in Hampshire Greens, the School Board decided that the golf-course community should send its pre-teens to Briggs Chaney Middle School, ending ten years of long bus rides to Key Middle in the name of "demographic balance."

ASHTON WORKS IT OUT: In the age-old battle between residents and developers, a compromise has been made over the Ashton Meeting Place, a controversial proposed shopping center JUTP reviewed back in June. Through a charrette, locals and developer Fred Nichols created a smaller, more pedestrian-oriented design that better accommodates the two-hundred-year-old village center.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, that's just a back alley. Real cities do have a need for them sometimes...

Anonymous said...

If this were my mother's Silver Spring, we'd be shown a highly successful, bustling shopping district. Try this is my childhood's Silver Spring.