Wednesday, August 29, 2007

east county in review: power cords and power chords

In today's fast-paced, blog-drunk society, the wires that run through our neighborhoods are a lifeline to our addiction - communication. Here's what people are communicating about this week in East County:

PAPER AND PLASTIC: The blog dl004d points out that newspaper boxes at the Silver Spring Metro now take credit cards, a savior to any harried commuter who left their change purse at home.

IF YOU LIVE IN BURTONSVILLE, YOU'RE PROBABLY NOT READING THIS: According to the Post, A fire on an underground Baltimore Gas and Electric line behind Ace Hardware in Burtonsville damaged adjacent Verizon cables, cutting off phone and Internet service to hundreds of East County homes. The outage should be over by Wednesday night, say Verizon officials.

Punk's still not dead in Downtown Silver Spring: so much more AFTER THE JUMP . . .

A local underground landmark has resurfaced on Philadelphia Avenue in South Silver Spring as The Corpse Fortress (above), a punk house that also hosts shows, made an appearance in the major D.C. blog DCist.

Until last summer, a similar operation called The Death Star (at left) had existed on Cedar Street. JUTP wrote about its unexpected existence a block away from the corporate lights and sounds of Downtown Silver Spring - and its planned conversion by the landlord into a medical office, which as of this writing hasn't taken place.

A little research on YouTube revealed a clip of a previous show at the house. I don't claim to know much about Silver Spring's local punk scene (one that may demand further exploration), but it's comforting to see that underground communities can still flourish even in the face of Downtown's continued revitalization. That is, at least, for now.


Sligo said...

As the new Death Star, it should have big chunks missing from it.

Now, witness the power of this fully armed and operation battle station!

WashingtonGardener said...

I was WONDERING what the heck was going on when I walked by therethe other day.

Please note that this section of Philadelphia (the 900 block) is disconnected from the rest of Philadelphia (the 800 block on downwards). As I live on the 800 block, I got LOTS of lost folks knocking on my door looking for the Jesus House - I expect I'll get plenty now looking for ths place as well. If I appear to be annoyed, it is because you were the 10th person this week to interrupt my writing and bug me for directions. ;-)